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Moving to better mHealth App quality?

An EU working group is to draft guidelines for better mHealth app data quality.

The UK has three representatives among the 20 members:

  • The Digital Health and Care Alliance
  • Kings College London
  • Patient View Limited

 In a nutshell the working group will develop guidelines for assessing the validity and reliability of the data that health apps collect and process.

It is interesting to note that this comes at a time when Europe is also concerned about the ‘wrecking ball’ ethics of tech companies. That comment coming last week from the president of the European Parliament. Whilst it might have been driven by the behaviour of a handful of the tech giants, all of the industry is tarnished by their attitude.

More on the new working group here; 

and more on the ‘wrecking ball’ comment here;

(both articles accessed 4th Feb 2016)