Health and Social Behaviour Change

About the Project

Imagine being able to keep in touch with clients every single day. Monitor how they’re doing and offer support as and when they need it. Services don’t have time to make personal calls to every client every day. This system is designed to do just that. By keeping in touch on a daily basis, more clients stay engaged and more achieve the success that they and their support services are looking for.

Please note: This is NOT a bulk messaging service. Personal profiles of clients are used to tailor and personalise messages to individuals.


Clinical Governance should be embedded into the daily practice of organisations that provide health and social care services. The concept encourages a focus on experience and learning in order to improve outcomes, improve the work environment and assess and anticipate risk and reduce the risk of harm.

At d2 Digital, we aim to provide a service that is the best it can be, which is effective and provides value for money. The organisation adopts the principles of clinical and information governance and have the safeguarding of the end user uppermost in mind.

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