Health and Social Behaviour Change

Extended Brief Advice (EBA)

Eba Main

EBA was developed for Alcohol and Criminal Justice as an online tool designed to aid positive behaviour change. The tool initially has been trailed with alcohol users but it could be adapted as a behaviour change programme in any walk of life.

EBA is available online and as an Android App.  This resource is very interactive and includes sessions designed to help users change their behaviour in order to prevent anti-social behaviours. The interactive sessions are based on The International Treatment Effectiveness Project (ITEP):

  • Self-awareness¬† ¬≠
  • Personal strengths
  • Important people
  • Decision making (using Storymaker)
  • Recap and goal setting
  • Face to face - reflection (this doesn't have to be included, it can be all online but initially the client wanted an aspect of face to face)